As low as $150 from SB to LAX

From $15 to SBA


With Advanced Notice, Our Drivers arriving five minutes early  for your trips  to All Airports is On Time Airport Taxi of Santa Barbara (805) 883-8400

-SBA (Santa Barbara Municipal Airport)

LAX (Los Angeles Int. Airport) ,

Burbank's Bob Hope Airport,

Santa Ana's John Wayne  Airport,

Santa Maria Airport, Oxnard Airport

Santa Barbara Area to San Francisco Int. Airport  Flat Rate of $775

There is no rush. You have the option to leave early if you'd like. You decide at the time of the booking whether you'd like for us to call you when the cab arrives at your gate, driveway or parking lot.  

You Choose to save time on not

having to park in a parking lot.  If you are on an extended trip, You are saving money too. 

 Thank You for calling on On-Time Airport, Train and Wine Tour Taxi as your airport transportation choice.  

Our Philosophy is to NOT  be everything to everyone, in order for us to provide calm, cool, on-time rides to the airports we problem solve so we don't over extend ourselves so our Friendly, Helpful and Obsessively On-Time Drivers are there as promised  for our valued repeat customers.

 We stick to our deal to be there for your ride to the airport. We will refer calls that come in at the last minute to other drivers from other companies. Those calls could be farther distance rides.  ..."At the Hotel Canary  and need a ride to  the Bacara Resort in five minutes" There is a nice  cab nearby that can drive you and your friend. I'll call the driver from  a  very reputable cab company that can be in front of the lobby in literally 5 to 10 minutes.  

We let people know over the phone  if there is a cab stand nearby if we are booked with rides to the airport.  As a service to our community we problem solve for customers to receive the cab they need.  We problem solve to get people to their destination even if a cab is not required.Sometimes we just tell them to walk around a corner to their bed and breakfast that they can't find. Other times if they arrive at the Santa Barbara Amtrak and want to go to the tourist hostel. We tell them that the fastest way to arrive there is to walk 100ft down a path. 

"...At   SandBar and want to go to the Wild Cat?"  Aren't there like seven cabs trying to get into the cab stand that already has five cabs  to your right when you are walking out?